Guidelines for Sending Cargo to Mauritius

Guidelines for Sending Cargo to Mauritius

Are you a business owner looking to export cargo to Mauritius from Australia? If you are, then we are here to let you know the guidelines for sending cargo to Mauritius! There are a few things to keep in mind if you are planning to get into the Mauritius import/export market.

Mauritius Import/Export Trading Licenses

Having a Trade License for the movement of controlled goods along with a Tax Account number as well is important. However, apart from that, if you are looking to import specific products you are required to have special licenses, due to environmental, health and safety reasons.

Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding

If you are looking to send cargo to Mauritius, it’s always best to appoint a freight forwarding agent who will be able to assist with the shipping documentation and advise you on the particulars! Our experts at Cargo to Mauritius can aid assisting with filling out the shipping forms pertaining to your cargo shipment to Mauritius, and advising you on which shipping documents are necessary. In addition, as an added service, customs brokerage services are also offered to make the process easier for you.

Shipping Documents for Sending Cargo to Mauritius

When it comes to importing and exporting cargo to Mauritius, a certain set of shipping documents are necessary. One of the most important documents would be a Commercial Invoice. As a freight forwarded and customs broker, Cargo to Mauritius can aid in getting the necessary documents in order, which must include descriptive information on the goods you are importing/exporting, value of the goods,  gross & net weight, and the country of origin (Australia). Another document that should be presented is the Bill of Lading, which offers proof of the contract between the exporter and the shipping carrier. If you are opting for airfreight, then the Airway Bill should be presented. A Packing List should also be presented, which would include the packages included in the shipment and the contents of the shipment, and more. You can have us, as your freight forwarder handles all these documentation for you.

Inland Transport when Sending Cargo to Mauritius

One of the things that most of our customers are concerned about is as your freight forwarder and customs broker, will we also carry out inland transport from the Port Louis harbour or from the airport. The answer is “Yes,” we are able to also offer you inland transport for doorstep delivery in Mauritius.

If you have any further questions, about sending cargo to Mauritius from Australia, speak to our agents at Cargo to Mauritius by sending an inquiry by filling out our Contact Us form!

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