Excess Baggage Shipping to Mauritius from Australia

Excess Baggage Shipping to Mauritius from Australia

One of the biggest problems when flying to Mauritius from Australia would be with exceeding the baggage allowance and having to pay high excess baggage fees at the airport. That is why many individuals who frequently fly out of Australia have a smart solution and well-known secret for this. It involves sending across the additional baggage via excess baggage shipping to Mauritius. By choosing a cost-effective shipping solution for shipping your excess personal baggage that is convenient, and affordable, and easy, you can fly out of Australia without a worry.

What Is Excess Baggage?

When travelling overseas by airline, you are given a free-of-charge baggage allowance. These vary from airline to airline and they are quite strict with how much baggage may accompany while flying. The baggage allowance can vary not just based on the airline but also the type of ticket class and your destination. It is a fact that even if your baggage weighs just over 0.5kg than the allowed, then you will be charged excess baggage fees which are generally quite high, and are approximately 1% of what you will be paying for a full economy class airline fare. Excess baggage fees are usually also charged per kg and while it varies from airline to airline, it can be as high as A$108/kg (Emirates).

What is Your Free Baggage Allowance?

Free baggage allowance depends on the airline in question, but some of the popular Australia to Mauritius airlines include the following; Air Mauritius, Emirates, South African Airways, Air India, AirAsia, Hong Kong Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, and British Airways.

Average Free Baggage Allowance & Excess Fees

Economy Class:  Checked baggage: 20kg | On Board: 1 Carry not exceeding 5kg |

Business Class: Checked Baggage : 40kg | On Board: 2 Carry on pieces (either Briefcase/handbag or briefcase/garment bag) max of 7kg/each

First Class: Checked Baggage: 50kg | On Board: 2 Carry on pieces (either Briefcase/handbag or briefcase/garment bag) max of 7kg/each

Excess Baggage Fees:  Approx. A$ 108 (plus applicable taxes) per kg

For instance, if your excess baggage weight came to 32kgs, your excess baggage fees at the airport would be approximately A$ 3456. To avoid these fees, it’s best to opt to use excess baggage shipping to Mauritius and save yourself money and avoid the stress altogether!

What is Excess Baggage Shipping?

Essentially, excess baggage shipping involves taking the excess baggage not allowed within the airline’s baggage allowance limit and having it shipped beforehand without having to deal with exorbitant airline excess baggage fees at the airport as well as the hassle and stress of it all. We are able to organise and handle all aspects of excess baggage shipping to Mauritius. Our Excess Baggage Shipping Services include airfreight, sea freight or by express courier, and we will be able to pick up or have you drop off the excess personal baggage for shipping before your flight to Mauritius, to ensure a hassle free and relaxing journey!

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