Mauritian International Trade Relations

Mauritian International Trade Relations

Mauritius located in the Indian Ocean is an East African country with great history and known for its bounty of beaches, lagoons, and reefs making it a tourism hotspot. The hustle and bustle of international trade occurs from its capital of Port Louis, and to further investments and trade with other countries, the Government of Mauritius offers many channels to further international trade with Mauritius and other countries in its six directorates. These six directorates are part of the Foreign Affairs division to further growth and relations with other countries.

The six directorate include the following;

  • Bilateral I (Asia , Middle East, Far East)
  • Bilateral II (Europe, Australasia and Americas)
  • Bilateral III (Africa and the Indian Ocean)
  • Multilateral Political (Multilateral Organisations)
  • Multilateral Economic (Economic, Cooperative, WTO and Trade-Related Issues)
  • Protocol, Immunities and Privileges

When it comes to international trade relations between Mauritius and other countries in the regional directorates, following the trade policies governed by the International Trade Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate trade policy environments for the country to position itself better in the world market.

The International Trade Division offer services to further relations with global operators in a number of ways. These include the likes of the following;

  • Offering assistance to further the public understanding of trade agreements that Mauritius has signed to the WTO, and not to mention regional/bilateral
  • Assisting with trade complaints concerning non-payment/non-supply of goods in both import/export international trade relation with the respective parties
  • Provisioning information for the international trade community on the COMESA –EAC-SADC NTBs online reporting and monitoring system
  • Providing information on trade inquiries and connecting them with the respective organisation
  • Offering advice on maximising benefits with trade agreement Mauritius has signed
  • Aids in trade deal negotiations at multilateral levels as well as with regional and bilateral relations
  • Following up of trade agreement implementations


The Industrial Property office is also a part of the International Trade Division and this is where you will be required to visit if you are looking to register or protect your industrial property. This can include the likes of your trademark, industrial designs, and patents.

When carrying out international trade relations with Mauritius having a business adviser or consultant that is well versed in these matter can definitely go a long way.

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