The Process of Sending Shipping Boxes Overseas

The Process of Sending Shipping Boxes Overseas

If you are looking to send some personal items, gifts, samples or any item from Australia to perhaps Mauritius, knowing the process of sending shipping boxes overseas can be quite useful. There are several ways of going about sending shipping boxes overseas, but the most go-to requirement would be what the cost will be. The quickest way to find out is to drop us a quick email or fill out the quick form to get in touch for a quotation for shipping boxes!

Getting Shipping Rates

You may need to utilise boxes or crates for shipping for personal or commercial reasons. Personal reasons for needing shipping boxes or crates would include anything from sending books, gifts, personal effects, and so forth. Commercial reasons for needing would include anything from sending sale products, samples and more. By giving us the specifications of what you plan on sending overseas, whether through air or sea, will make getting the best rate possible.

Getting Shipping Boxes or Crates

You can either opt to use your own boxes or crates, or get our own. You can call us up and order your shipping boxes and crates depending on the sizing requirements, thereafter you can opt either pick them up or have it delivered to your address.

Choosing Your Method of Shipment

Depending on the quantity of boxes or crates, you can choose to opt for LCL (less than container load) or FCL (full container load) in either 20ft or 40ft containers. If you are looking to send more than half a container loads worth of shipping boxes and you need it urgently, we recommend you opt for the FCL option over LCL as it will get to Mauritius faster. The fact of the matter is that due to not “sharing” the container space with other shippers, there will be no need for deconsolidation/consolidation at the various port stops before the destination port comes by.

Sending Shipping Boxes Overseas

The last part of all this is actually following through on sending the shipping boxes overseas. You can opt to have us pick up your shipping boxes and crates, or instead drop them at our offices. This is ideal for LCL shipments, however, if you are thinking of sending a FCL worth of shipping boxes overseas, then we will be dropping off a container for loading to your desired address.

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