Understanding the Process of Ocean Shipping to the Destination Country

Understanding the Process of Ocean Shipping to the Destination Country

Our most recent blog described the process of ocean shipping from the origin country; this month we look at the processes that occur from the destination country. The process of ocean shipping usually features four points, namely at the origin country (door and port), and thereafter upon sea travel to the destination country (door and port). The destination country’s process of receiving the ocean shipping cargo is similar to that of that of the origin country, but in reversal. Let us make it clearer!

Once the sea cargo shipment reaches the destination country’s port, some of the important items to remember include the likes of the following.

  • The destination freight forwarding agent’s details
  • Custom broker information
  • Shipper’s Passport
  • Visa
  • Bill of Lading
  • Packing List
  • Vehicle title (if vehicle shipment)

Customs will hold your cargo until is cleared upon going through various protocols. Once all fees have been paid will the goods be cleared through customs, and handed over to the original shipper for claiming. It should be noted that the destination port will be responsible for handling the customs charges  and relevant fees. Up until your ocean shipping cargo is cleared through customs, it will be held at a customs bonded warehouse. The destination freight forwarding agent or customs broker will be responsible for ensuring that your cargo is cleared though customs and thereafter delivered to destination.

As a trusted freight forwarder, with representative agents at both origin and destination countries, we will organise transport of your ocean shipping cargo to your door. However, we would require that street access is available for the truck or container. In such an insistence, you will be required to ask the city for a relevant permit for street access during unloading. In the event of any damage to your goods, it must be specified in the dock receipt. We recommend investing in shipping insurance and will recommend some of the best shipping insurance agents for cargo from Australia to Mauritius.

If you missed our previous bog, it can be found at “Understanding the Process of Sea Cargo Shipping from the Origin Country”.

Keep tuned to the Cargo to Mauritius Shipping Blog for more insights and updates of the logistics and shipping industry that relates to Australia and Mauritius!

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