Mauritius Maritime News

Mauritius Maritime News

If you are reside in Mauritius or live in Australia and do business with Mauritius, we have news for you. There are changes happening and we bring you some Mauritius maritime news that may be of interest to you.

Mauritius and Kenya Set to be Financial Hubs for Africa

The Joint Commission of Cooperation set up by Kenya and Mauritius state heads have agreed to set up their countries a financial and trade hubs for the African subcontinent. The two countries will act a link between Asia and the countries of the West, without competing with one another to achieve the dream of creating Africa into an important hub. By developing the aviation and shipping industry too, it will also act as transnational port hubs to further growth and prosperity in the region.   This bit of Mauritius maritime news is quite advantageous to those doing business within the region.

Mauritius and Australia Work on Security and Safety of Maritime Sector Together

The AMSA (Australia Maritime Safety Authority) will be collaborating together with the Mauritius Ministry of Ocean Economy, the Marine Resources, Fisheries, Shipping, and Outer Islands sectors to establish better security and safety of the maritime sector. The Australian government has not only offered insight and guidance, but also funding and resources to further the sustainable economy and the maritime community. The Search and Rescue Capability Partnership Programme is committed to the  was created to offer security and safety to maritime sectors in the Indian Ocean, such as cooperting with the likes of Sri Lanka, Maldives and Mauritius.

Post-Brexit Air Freight Rebates

Mauritius being a former colony of Britain, has offered an airfreight rebate programme for Mauritius companies working in the apparel export market (to the European Union) in the wake of Brexit. This programme is scheduled to commence from 1st of April and run for 2 years to ensure that the economy of the country stays afloat with the changes in the global arena.  The apparel industry has been an instrumental in the economic growth of Mauritius of for several decades, and thus the government is taking due measures to ensure this continues. We would suggest keeping an eye on our blog for more Mauritius maritime news for more insight.

Improvements to Infrastructure

With the expected growth and developments towards making Mauritius into a smart city and trading hub, developments to roadways to access airport and maritime ports are progressing as expected. The Air Cargo and Freeport Zone development will progress as planned, along with Airport Highway Project, to better the economy of Mauritius.

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