The Future of Global Shipping to Mauritius

The Future of Global Shipping to Mauritius

When you look back in Nautical History, you know that the pioneers truly envisioned a united world. The advances in naval technologies have created a seamless world bringing countries and industry together in numerous ways. When uniting the world through advances in shipping and cargo handling, there are many ways in which business and efficiency can be revolutionised. Whether you look at the advancements in mechanical or digital means, the future of global shipping to Mauritius is expecting many new changes to take things to the next step.

Smart Containerisation

One of the most important advancements in the shipping and logistics industry was “Containerisation,” and to this year, it’s been around for six decades. Containers offered the industry a revolutionary way of shipping goods of various kinds. It also means that, the shipping vessels carrying these containers should also be able to meet the necessary requirement, offering more advances to help carry that various goods. For instance, some of the most recent advances in Containerisation include “Smart Containers” that are used on both “Dry” and “Reefer,” which are refrigerated, containers. These new types of containers offers remote container management and other technologies that allows for tracking, management and monitoring of the goods, and are increasingly valuable to shipments sent via reefer type of containers.


Port Operations Automation

Advancements with port operations are very important to the future of the logistics arena. Many port terminals are now automated with easier container movements and management. The recently launched Mauritius Container Terminal (MCT) Extension Project has initiatives on incorporating an automated container terminal for improved port operations and faster consolidation/de-consolidation processes

Digitalisation of Processes

Looking past merely the physical advancements of a port and the logistics industry in Mauritius, you also need to consider whether the digital systems are also being improved. In addition, the country improving and staying on-par with the digital trends in the world & industry should be assessed and debated. Often, when dealing with technologically advanced countries, where most items are digitised, you would also be asked to offer electronic documentation. Another scenario would be to make edits via a system as opposed to paper trails. Depending on these factors, the future of global shipping to Mauritius lies in the hands of the improvements being planned and carried out during the Extension Project of the MCT! With the success of the intended improvements, the future of global shipping to Mauritius in the hands of the MCT will be forerunners in the industry.

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