Cargo Tips to Ship Goods to Mauritius

Cargo Tips to Ship Goods to Mauritius

Mauritius is becoming a key player in the Africa-Asia aviation and cargo in the commercial arena in the region. With its continuing improvements to the SSR International Airport in Plaine Magnien as well as to the Port Louis Harbour, the namesake capital, such as the BFSL’s Logistics Park and the Air Cargo & Freeport Zone. With these in the horizon, we expect to an increase in international shipments through the air cargo transhipment hub and through Mauritius’s main and only harbour at Port Louis! If you are planning on starting and business exporting goods to Mauritius or moving there from Australia, then these cargo tips to ship goods to Mauritius may be of use to you!

Commercial Cargo to Mauritius


If you establishing an import/export business whereby you will be required to ship commercial cargo to Mauritius, then being aware of the shipping regulations in Mauritius is important. You can choose between Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping based on your cargo and stocks in hand, or even air cargo  for your couriers and urgent goods. If you are looking to export goods from Australia to Mauritius, we advise you to take the following steps to avoid any delays or inconveniences.

  • Register your business with the Corporate and Business Registration Department.
  • Register with the Customs Department.
  • Register with the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) for companies with a turnover over Rs 6 million.

Moving from Australia to Mauritius


One of the first things you need to do is find a reliable international freight forwarder, and not a domestic mover, so that you receive the proper cargo service that you are after.  The next step is to decide what will be moving with you. Some people moving to Mauritius from Australia, choose to move almost all their non-perishable personal effects, household goods and even their vehicles. You need to decide what you would want to move internationally, whether you will be shipping everything or simply only shipping certain personal effects like clothing, books, and so forth.

One of the cargo tips to ship goods to Mauritius that we can offer you when moving to Mauritius from Australia would be, if you are planning on taking almost everything with you, opting for FCL Shipping  for either a 20ft or 40 ft container is the best option. This article, Container Shipping Overseas, offer you some guidance into what can be fitted in 20ft or 40ft container when shipping household goods and personal effects! When you opt to ship goods to Mauritius, this bit of information can help you decide how much you can fit into a respective container!

If you don’t have as much persona cargo to send, then opting for LCL  or Groupage Shipping may be the best option for you. What this means is that your cargo will be shared share the same container spaces as somebody else’s cargo taking the same shipping route, whereby the container shipping charges will be shared by these shippers.

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